Your Guide





I’m deepak

Magnificent , Empirical and Flowy.

In our work….

An individual’s potential is unlocked, liberating them from loops of limited life into unleashing limitless possibilities that awaits them.

Couples reignite their forgotten spark by reviving their relation with themselves.

Men are inspired to become sweet lovers by understanding the language known to women; of love and deep resonance.

Come with your illuminous hearts to shine within and outside

I’m Sanya

Unconventional, mystical and a hearty feminine.

In our work….

Individuals feel free to tap into parts of them that are ready to be Re-Birthed in a safe space.

“Couples are able to accept and forgive one another and allow a Newness  re enter”

Women are supported to authenticate their voice, freeing themselves from the norms that chain them and surrender to the power of love within.