Reflective Explorer, Inner Journeyer,

 Mindful Voyager, Curious Companion, Wanderlust

Certified Yoga Instructor (300 hrs), S-VYASA, Bangalore

Masters in Accounting, Indian Airforce & Railways Veteran 

Experienced in Conflict Resolution, No Oil Cooking, Designing Cloths.

Masters in Public Policy


Expertise in Eco-Homes

Our story

Born in December 2020 as Kosha Vatika Foundation registered in India, our non-profit is a vibrant canvas for human potential. Diverse minds converge in a self-organised dance, echoing the harmony of ant hills—no bosses, just a shared love for meaningful contribution towards our mission to ‘Simplify & Celebrate Life.’

Step into our world, where the pristine natural ambience nurtures flourishing spirits. We’re not just an organisation; we’re a symphony of compassion, an unreasonable celebration, creating ripples of joy in the tapestry of existence.


”Solving the life mystery requires your mind, Living the mystery requires Life itself.”

Deepak Ashwani