Vibrant Food Chef, Harmony Weaver, Flavours Enhancer, Designer, Adaptable

In a world of love, where caring blooms,

I craft a tender ambience, like fragrant perfumes.

Adapting recipes to each unique taste,

Emotionally stable, in life’s vibrant embrace.

An expert in healthy, vibrant cuisine,

Raw and oil-free, a culinary dream.

No boiling pots, just freshness untold,

A symphony of flavours, a story to unfold.

With needle and thread, I weave magic in clothes,

Designs that enchant, like poetry in prose.

Mediating conflicts, a peacemaker’s role,

For relatives and friends, harmonizing the soul.

A loyal lover, steadfast and true,

Curious to learn, life’s lessons in view.

Willing to adapt, change swiftly and free,

Creating a better self, a continuous journey.