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our curious companion, hosted 60+ lively dialogues, events

and 12 retreats in India, Greece & Canada.

6:00: Forest Bathing / Laughter

8:00: Breakfast

9:30: Simplify & Celebrate Theme Play

11:30: Waterfall Splashing Games

14:00: Lunch

15:30: Simplify & Celebrate Theme Play

18:00: Tribe Reflection

19:00: Dinner

20:00: Campfire Celebrations

You can choose to contribute any amount in between as you wish. We accept and respect that financial situations vary.


Simplify & Celebrate is not just accept the way they are, but fully celebrate their unique being on earth.

  • Those who feel alienated from society,
  • Those willing to break societal conditioning.
  • Those who are stuck in their day-to-day grudges,
  • Those who belong to themselves,
  • Those who choose to be free.

To create an ambience to live fully as ourselves, as if these were our last five days on Earth together.

Nobody else should define your way of life – not society, parents, partners, friends, or celebrities on social media you don’t even know.

Design your life uniquely and diversely – so that every moment enhances your potential. Simplify & Celebrate is an ambience to be yourself, with your radical self-acceptance in a non-judgmental space. Whatever happens in the Simplify & Celebrate Circle stays in the Circle.

Your willingness to celebrate who you are – that’s it.

Everyone is welcome – friends, families, far ones. Just remember to bring yourself fully here.

It’s a 5-day (4 nights) gathering for a group of 10 – 15 misfits. Due to logistical reasons for food and stay, we need some time keeping schedule. However, many of us will experience timelessness here, so it won’t matter.

Every gathering is unique, and each day varies. You’ll curate the experience for yourself and the group. Let’s laugh, dance, cook, play childhood games, relax or date yourself – it’s all your choice. Let’s celebrate you – holistically.

We’ve organized 12 gatherings so far in India, Greece & Canada since February 2020 under various names: Raw Life Celebration, I Am River, Circles of Life, Spark Your Relations, and I Am Joy, each with its theme and format. You’ll experience the most updated ambience curated to help you flourish. This is a time-tested celebration gathering, that can potentially transform your life.

You will share a cozy room with 2 or 3 people of the same gender, with an attached bathroom. It can be in a houseboat, a treehouse, or next to a stream, stay tuned to be surprised!

Yeah… Sure. Ask yourself what you’ll cherish in your last five days on Earth.

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