Founder, Magnificent, Empirical, Flowy, Reflective Explorer, Inner Journeyer, Curious Companion

He is simply curious just like a child,

Simplified his life by asking questions,

River being his GURU,

Learning by self-observing his own challenges,

He practises natural living,

Being a curious wanderlust exploring 37 countries,

His home ranges from living in a boat house to tree house,

Sleeping often under a billion-star, sand being his bed & a wood log as a pillow.

He has witnessed the diversity of life,

From being a hitch-hiker to an Investor,

From living in forests of Zambia, Rwanda, Bhutan & India to cities like Copenhagen,

From being a gate crasher in events to being part of NASA’s Singularity University.

His adventures range from near-death experiences in Bastar, India

To climb an active volcano in Congo,

Being in the middle of the Arab Spring conflict war in Egypt,

To witness sea turtles nesting in Nicaragua.

He is the founder of Koshaa to create an ambience for anyone to simplify & celebrate life,

He has won multiple international awards for his past initiatives,

He actively raises awareness about enhancing life potential by self-observation.

Un-attached to any outcome,

He celebrates life just like a child….

Would you like to Dance together with Deepak in this play of Life?