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Transform your life in the Auroville,Pondicherry with a customized residency experience to enable a simple life.

Imagine a space where life propel in abundance with delicious raw living food recipes, no financial worries, no societal conditioning and judgements – you can just be yourself to learn, play, live the way you want and your fellow members help you to enhance best of your potential.

Indulge in activities like food forests designing, pottery, snakes rescue, fruit foraging, star gazing, physical and mental detox, juice feasting, whatever excites you – this space will bring the best of creativity within you.

Our Previous space in Madhurvan,Goa - as shared by one of the recent resident experience testimonial..

I am currently living in a remote Area Madhurvan,Goa in a place which goes by the name of Madhurvan by Koshaa! I will try to summarize my experience of being here for a week, which almost seems like more than a month now!

Before we get into what this place is, let us first understand what it is not.

It is not a vacation, staycation or a workation home. It is not a place to netflix and to night out, to chitchat and to chill out or to party and to pass out. It is not a place to make your business plans or write your next novel, perhaps you could do that!

It is a place to simply do nothing “concrete”, “worthwhile” and “productive” while actually doing a lot for your mind, body and soul. It is a place to just be and breath, just exist and experience, just live and lighten up. As in the exact words of one of the residents, “It is a place for “like-hurted” people who are looking for answers for many of their questions in this complex world. You may not get the answers for what you are searching for, for there is no truth that needs to be discovered as such but you may find your peace of mind in this complete surrender!”

There is no network and no TV, for there are mountains and forests for you to binge on the beauty of nature. There is no AC and no geyser, for there are rivers and abundant sunshine for you to indulge and soothe. There is no cooked food and no gourmet cuisines, for there are ample of locally grown delicious fruits and vegetables available to satisfy your tastebuds with.

The main purpose is to stay as much time in silence as possible without any distractions so that you can remove the layers of unnecessary junk and simplify your life. Silence is the key factor as you will receive in abundance when you are in the receiving mode. There will be no one to give you any kind of gyaan or life lessons and yet there will always be someone around to listen (and not advise) if you really need to speak. Of course, once you are bored of being with yourself and of sun-bathing, mud-bathing, river-bathing, silence-bathing, forest-bathing, etc. then you can always occupy yourself with plenty of recreational activities that rejuvenates you like reading, writing, listening music, yoga, meditation, working out, running, etc… And once you are done exhausting yourself with any and every activity you could ever think of, you will still be left with ample time and energy that…

For the calmer and composed ones, you can spend hours watching how the dew drops shine like pearls on the bed of lush green grass every morning or notice how a pack of monkeys goof around as they go about doing nothing but mischief as their sole purpose in life.

For the adventurer and active ones, you can go for a trek in the mountains to experience the pristine and dense forests or jump and swim in the natural private pool of the river flowing next to you.

For the explorer and enthusiastic ones, you can witness plethora of different species of colourful birds and butterflies that you’d have never seen or just simply soak into the quaint and peaceful village life available to you at no extra cost.

For the learner and level-headed ones, you can volunteer with local farmers to bring their food forests to fruition or learn some amazing skills like pottery, gardening, food forestry and organic farming to name a few.

While resting, relaxing and rejuvenating are part of the design, flat belly and healthy body, calming thoughts and uncluttered mind and energetic spirit and zest for life are bonuses that you can receive based on your contributions, caliber and capacity!

By Chintan Siriya

Location: Auroville,Pondicherry

Accommodation: Sleeping on the floor on bamboo or yoga mat 

Fee: Support as You Wish