Abundant Life Celebration

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Abundant Life Celebration

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Ever wondered, How can you reach best of your potential?

Be part of 4-days Abundant Life Celebration (ALC) to know yourself better & explore the hidden abundance within you. ALC is time-tested event to celebrate your life transformative turning point.

This celebration is for you if you wish to:

  • Pause Your Life
  • Simplify Your Living
  • Holistically transform your inter-connected challenges (Health, Finance, Relationship, Life Purpose, etc.)
  • Start learning from within
  • Watching Life from an unique perspective
  • Enhance best of your potential

It’s so Easy to

Get stuck in day-to-day life grudges

That we forget to be in present moment to experience its abundance – it is becoming common in this fast-moving world. We tend to continuously run behind what we do not have, forgetting to value and share gratitude of what we have. It has probably happened to you at some point of your life.

Global lockdown was already a reset for all of us. It reminded us there is no point in running behind goals, deadlines or problems in isolation – there is a need for holistic transformation.

Until now, you have mostly learned from external sources – books, social media, universities, others experiences. Is there a way to shift your focus from external to internal learning – taking a deep dive within yourself.

Explore these at the ALC:

✻ How can I self-heal my health issues to remain forever young?

✻ How to live a life of financial freedom?

✻ How can I have relationships without conflict?

✻ Where am I heading in my life?

✻ How can I live blissfully with myself without feeling lonely? 

Eligibility Criteria

1. Willing to give whole life to enhance best of your potential post-ALC,

2. Do not use mobile phone during whole ALC,

3. Agree to consume only Raw Living Food,

4. Able to sleep on floor in a basic shared  accommodation in a tent or a hall,

5. Gives their total submission to ALC

6. Above 15 years

Nobody else should define your way of life – not your society, parents, partner, friends, and especially not celebrity people you see on social media that you don’t even know.

Design your life as unique and diverse – so that every moment enhances your best potential. Become the best version of yourself in every passing moment.

Pause Your Life

Surrender to Nature

Explore Gifts Within

with a Practical, Holistic Transformation of yourself in

Abundant Life Celebration

ALC is a culmination of 13+ years of Koshaa’s team members simplifying life journey and time-tested with previous participants. ALC creates an ambience to pause and simplify your life so that you can reset yourself.

It is a stepping stone for you to connect with wide network of simple living Koshaa’s commune to transform your life beyond the ALC as well.



बहुत आसान है अपने को भूल जाना शहर की आवाजों में

उतना ही आसान है अपने को ढूंढ लेना

पेड़ो की हरयाली में

चिड़ियों की चहचहाट में

सहयोगियों की कहानियों में और जुगनुओं की रात को उड़ान में।

Coming to this place is the best thing I did for my self. The food, the place it’s greenery, it’s rawness, has both filled my stomach & my mind. The connection with the people here. The friend’s, occasional organisers gone all started to feel like a family, that doesn’t just eat & sleep together but holds space for every individual to grow with absolute honesty & braveness. Truly raw in every sense.

A seed is always waiting for the right time to germinate and at this place I found the conductive environment for the seed to pop. सरल और शांत जीवन तक पहुंचने का रास्ता भी तो सरल होना चाहिए। Meeting Nut’s Like Self Was A Great Take Away ToKnew That You Are Not Weird Alive.

Love that Deepak held the space & wired things together, i could connect with the conversations around simplify life, relationships, however on finance it was a little abstract & impractical for me. Loved the food. It was way over my expectations, would never have imagined that without a price tag on the gathering, someone could offer such generously without any expectations.

Natural environment has had surprising effect on my body and my mind. I find that I sleep better, wake up fresher, feel lighter and energetic, more calm, compassionate, perceptive and generally a lot more positive and in a happier state of mind. Words can’t do justice to the amount of gratitude.

YCQ – Your Curious Questions 

1. What is ALC all about?

CELEBRATE Life in its Abundant Form – Bulls eye, as the name says. 

ALC is an experience to be lived by fully surrendering and trusting its process, as if these are your last 6 days on earth.

2. Why to attend ALC in person?

As your car needs to be paused in the garage to fix it, so do you need to pause your life in person to explore the gifts within you. RLC mission is to create an ambience for everyone to enhance each other’s potential.

ALC is a journey:

  • From limited life to limitless possibilities, 
  • From physical to non-physical
  • From scarcity mindset to abundance 

One can go deeper in this journey only by being fully here in person.

3. What is the criteria to become an ALC participant?

Your willingness to transform yourself – best gift you can give to yourself by becoming a new you and keep on becoming, becoming, enhancing to the best of your potential.

4. What is the ALC schedule?

Every ALC is different, and within one ALC each day is different. ALC is based on the Circles of Life Diagram given in Koshaa website. Each day, there are self-reflection dialogue on a particular theme, raw food recipes, cultural nights, laughter, dance, etc. The schedule is specially curated based on every host location.

Activities include:

  •  Date Yourself
  • Living Food Recipes Learning
  • Tribe Open Sessions
  • Cultural Night
  • Taare Zameen Par
  • Mud Bath / Rain Dance
  • Barefoot Walking
  • Tree Hugging
  • Sun Gazing

Self-Reflection Dialogues on:

  • Mimicking Ants to Self-organise
  • Body Heals Body
  • Food Forests – the simplest way to grow Food
  • Financial Freedom
  • Treehouse – the simplest living space
  • Lively Relations
  • Queen – King Relation
  • Experiencing Death
  • Abundant Life

5. What kind of accommodation is there?

It depends on the host. It is mostly on the floor (with carpet & mat) sharing with others in most cases. It could be separate dormitory for men & women or rooms. There are toilets outside the dorms in most cases. 

You are welcome to bring your own tent and sleeping bag.

6. Is it safe from wildlife?

Yea, Relax!! We are not leaving you in the wild jungle alone – or maybe we will one day! We will see…

People live regularly at our host location. So, it is super safe to be here anytime of the year. ALC in itself is so wild that you will become part of wild-life, getting rid of your mental fear (if you are afraid)…  

7. Can I leave early from ALC?

Nope… it will be troubling for you also – leaving a mental operation, with your wounds exposed – it is not going to be smooth to face the world again with your partially-baked self.

Whenever you feel like leaving, remember why you came in the first place. Be Patient, surrender and keep on observing your own transformation.

8. Can I bring my music equipment or my innovations in ALC?

Yea, Sure… Ask yourself what will you bring to cherish your last 6 days on earth.