Essence of Simplifying Life

Simplify Life Podcast

The real revolution only happens when each one of us takes responsibility to change themselves. The human consciousness will only leapfrog, when the day-to-day hurdles and grudges related to their health, wealth, drive, relationships, etc. are removed from their life.

We help to simplify society life by sharing our founder, Deepak Ashwani’s personal experience in this podcast series about how he has simplified his life to explore the hidden gifts in him and reconnected to nature. Following episodes are available on Spotify –


We raise awareness about systemic issues and how simple natural living practices can resolve it.

One of the such complex inter-related issue is mono-cropping, crop residue burning, use of chemicals in food production and economic situation of farmers in Punjab & Haryana in Northern India.

(northern India) and how diverse food forest can tackle all these issues all together at its root cause. We helped to co-direct the Indian part of this ‘Girls for Future’ Documentary film to raise awareness about Food Forest.