Koshaa Collective offers natural & simple living eco-system of products and services that helps people in natural living space to connect with each other to solve their problems.

Koshaa’s Collective is categorized as follows:

  1. Health: Self-healing detox experts, Body movement facilitators
  2. Food: Raw Food Recipes experts, Organic fruits and vegetables sellers, Food Forests experts
  3. Shelter: Natural Building, Rain Water Harvesting, Eco-community Access, Land Access
  4. Clothing: Natural material clothing (Bamboo, hemp, banana, lotus, etc), Natural colors
  5. Education: Experiential learning experts, Eco-school Access
  6. Culture: Nature inspired arts, music, dance, theatre
  7. Governance: Self-management experts
  8. Natural Products: Seed Papers & Jewelry, Natural cutlery, Pottery, Natural Cleaning products

Some of the examples in Shelter Circle to create eco-communities are as follows: