Animal Lover, Traveller, Forest Retreats Facilitator, Writer, Uniqueness Embracer

In the dance of dreams where moonbeams gleam,

I am the misfit, the keeper of a unique dream.

A kindred spirit, in a world of conformity,

Choosing to dance to my own, wild, and untamed melody.

Refusing the molds, I break the chains,

A life unscripted, where true essence reigns.

No settling for shadows that mask my true self,

I am the protagonist in the story I stealthily delve.

In the written word, my soul takes flight,

A vessel of stories, emotions burning bright.

Writing, my craft, weaves tales untold,

Ink on pages, a treasure trove of stories unfold.

Travelling, a love affair with the unknown,

New cultures embraced, seeds of joy sown.

Breaking free from society’s tight hold,

On my own terms, a life beautifully unfolds.

An introvert, in minds’ symphony,

With like-minded souls, I find harmony.

Delving into discussions profound,

Ideas flowing, connections unbound.

Beyond Bodhi forest retreat, my haven, my nest,

Where wanderers find solace and rest.

Hosting not just a profession, but a calling,

To ensure each story told is enthralling.

Living amidst trees, where nature reigns,

Creating moments where the soul sustains.

A journey from dreamer to weaver of tales,

In the unseen symphony, my spirit prevails.