Present day food production has following issues due to the way it is designed:

  • High Water consumption
  • High resource consumption (chemicals, organic manure, energy, labor, materials, etc.)
  • Non resilient (climate risks, high dependency on markets, etc.)
  • Soil Degeneration (due to mono cropping)
  • High cost (due to all above)

We tackle these issues by mimicking the food produce the way nature does it. An Edible
Forests mimic natural forest with the intention of producing food. We provide:

  • Holistic transformation of any farm landscape to an edible forest with our design expertise.
  • Make edible forest circles for you to get connected with customers, volunteers, enthusiasts in your region.
  • Enable you to co-create a holistic conscious living community space in your land.

We have already designed 7 Edible Forest along with Natural Buildings.

To learn more check Edible Forest website